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CCL - Bespoke conveyors can 'revolutionise' your business.

Maybe you are at the beginning of your business journey or maybe you have been operating using the same process for years now, without seeing the need to change? If you are in one of these situations (and are working in a suitable industry) then there is potential to have a rethink about how you currently do things, and an opportunity to change processes for the better. Here at CCL, we have been helping businesses with bespoke conveyors, and bespoke conveyor designs for many years, helping company after company revolutionise the way they approach work. In this blog, we highlight a few ways in which this 'change' can revolutionise your business.

Speed - If you are manually invested in a process, say for example moving a product, or if your product needs to go through various stages of the build, and automation in these steps is minimal, then speed is going to be an issue. Ultimately you should be aiming to get the product from A (build) to B (endpoint) in as quick a time as possible, and if the manual intervention can be eliminated then you can potentially see a speed improvement. Conveyor and automation can assist here.

Efficiency and projections of potential efficiency will be crucial to understanding the impact a change in process can have, so knowing your efficiency in the old world, and the potential efficiency in the new world will be key to measuring success.

Innovation - Conveyor belts can be the conduit through which innovation occurs. Here is another blog post, outlining a recent example of a project we were involved with, whereby our conveyor system was the glue that brought together AI, and speed of delivery. By this, it is meant that the conveyor system both allowed AI scanning to occur at speed, and for the product to be delivered to, and onwards from, the AI scanning system. We are finding increasingly that customers are coming to us with 'problems' that need to be solved, and the conveyor belt becomes part of the solution to that problem, not the whole solution.

All of the above can have an impact on cost. The longer it takes to ship a product can lead to an increase in cost, poor efficiency can lead to an increase in cost, and using innovation can also lead to an initial increase in cost, followed by a decrease once the innovation has been embedded (usually).

There is no doubt that an assessment of your current processes can pay dividends, and lead to a revolution in your workplace, in which the bespoke conveyor system can play its part.

If you are in the position of starting to assess your work environment for potential improvements then we would be happy to talk through some of our recent projects and potential solutions we may have implemented.

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