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New R and D Project for Conveyor Manufacturers UK

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Conveyor Manufacturers UK - Central Conveyors Ltd, have taken on a new R and D project, which was truly bespoke

This new piece of work was instigated at the request of a client, and the requirements came from a series of early meetings.

The project focused on the development of a bespoke system, something which was research and development heavy in the early stages. There were various challenges along the way with this particular project.

This included searching to find product parts and developing the other parts and technology that had to be done from scratch, to conform to the customers’ requirements.

Load and volume calculations were crucial to this project. They are always important of course, but for this project, they were fundamental and necessary for the functionality of the operation.

As mentioned trying to find the products, and parts necessary for this project was labor-intensive and took many hours of research. However, as is sometimes the case, despite an exhaustive search Central Conveyors Limited found no product which could offer the same level of service that the customer required. It was therefore necessary to develop a whole system/product from scratch, which is what the project team eventually did.

All of our projects have elements of being bespoke of course because every project is unique, as is each customer. However, in this case, we did have to go back to the drawing board in a literal sense, ultimately coming up with a product that was unique, and tailored specifically to the customer's needs. Bespoke in its truest sense!

If your company requires a bespoke conveyor system Central Conveyors Ltd is here to help you.

Please contact our sales team on Tel 01509816064


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