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The robot that is poised to replace the forklift.

We continue our series regarding innovation in our industry to bring you news of Fetch Robotics, and their exciting range of forklifts.

Forklifts of course are an essential part of any factory or manufacturing plant, but just the same as any motorised vehicle that is driven by a human they are fallible.

Some estimates say that there are 35k accidents yearly involving these machines, and this of course will end in injury for some personnel.

TechCrunch notes that the company’s PalletTransport1500 is designed to replace forklifts in warehouses.

Each PalletTransport1500 unit is capable of lifting 2,504 pounds. The unit uses Honeywell ‘Momentum’ software that allows the robot to perform all the functions that a human could, and lots more.

Each unit is equipped with LIDAR sensors so it can cruise autonomously through the work environment.

Honeywell Robotics CTO Thomas Evans said in a press release,

“Too often these automated systems operate independently, performing very discrete tasks and processes. This collaboration with Fetch to have a turnkey solution with Momentum gives those in the e-commerce industry a competitive advantage that will optimize productivity, increase operational safety, and provide significant return on investment”.

Not only do these robots look fantastic, but they are part of set of new autonomous vehicles, being created by several organisations worldwide that are coming online in the warehouse/factory environment, now and in the near future.

These certainly are exciting times.

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