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CCL Ltd - The benefits of an Inclined Conveyor System

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Each conveyor system that we design here at CCL is bespoke to a point, meaning we take care to understand customers' requirements and assess the job at hand. Each system has its advantages, but the benefits of an elevated or inclined system can be quite profound and game-changing for a business. In this blog, we highlight some of the distinct advantages that an elevated, inclined conveyor system can offer, and highlight what type of industry and environment can usually take advantage of an inclined system.

What industries and applications is an elevated system used in? (A few examples that we have come across in our work)








Baggage handling



What are the advantages and benefits of an elevated conveyor system?

Reaching new levels - If you have a product on one level of the premises/shop floor, but it needs to be on another level ultimately then an elevated system can assist. The steeper the incline the less space the elevation takes up, meaning that it is a great option all around when space is limited. What is often overlooked here is the opportunity to go in reverse as well, making an inclined system into a decline system which is often a solution to the same problem in reverse.

Protecting the product - When you introduce steep levels of elevation into a system the product has to be protected. If the product were to fall off at an elevated position it could be dangerous. To this end a design tends to be focused on ensuring that a product can be moved very safely, removing the risk and opportunity for damage throughout the system.

Limiting the opportunity for injuries - Moving heavy, and cumbersome product around a manufacturing facility introduces many risks, especially when done by employees. Not only does it introduce risk but it introduces protocol that needs to be adhered to for humans to move such products. This is all time and effort that can be removed through the use of a conveyor system.

Enhanced productivity - As the movement of goods is now handled with automation, personnel can be redeployed to other business areas to assist where required. The speed and efficiency of conveyor systems cannot be matched by humans and as such productivity is increased.

Elevated and inclined systems offer a specific set of far-reaching benefits. To understand how they can be implemented into your business please get in touch with us here at CCL for a friendly chat about your requirements.

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