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CCL Conveyors - Problem solved with conveyor automation.

Jumping in with both feet is never a good idea, and even more so when a capital outlay is required. Automation can save you time and money in the right circumstances however it is not a panacea, so it is always worth speaking to CCL Conveyors about the problem you are trying to solve, before jumping in with a potential solution.

So what are the problems that automation can help alleviate? let us consider a few that we here at CCL have come up against on behalf of our customers:

Operating costs - that need to be lowered can be achieved with automated systems that are connected or integrated into a conveyor system from CCL. Products are built to the same specification, with lower tolerances of error which equals consistency across the board. This is an easy return on investment.

Full capacity can be achieved concerning cycle times, creating an efficient production line. The human element is removed to a large degree, so there is no need for breaks with an automated system, which means that faster speeds can be achieved therefore making more products in the same amount of time. Read our recent blog about how we integrated AI automation into a project for a customer.

A potentially smaller manufacturing footprint - this is not always the case but potentially automation brings with it a smaller footprint regarding space taken up on the floor.

Working alongside humans - as technology continues to improve the ability to work alongside humans also continues. Sensors are built with safety in mind and when conveyor systems detect issues with flow and opposing pressure they can automatically shut down, improving safety for human colleagues.

Data - years ago this was never something that customers wanted as part of their product, project, or requirements but this has changed significantly. Customers now need to understand data points to inform their understanding in regards to what is working and what is not. Once data has been harvested over some time decision-making can potentially be improved, as can costings.

Process improvements with automation are in our experience one of those things that can make the difference when profit is considered. These slim improvements all add up over time. A workflow audit is a good place to start in determining where the automation could take place, or you may well know which is your biggest pain point already. One thing is for sure your focus on profit or loss can be amplified via automation.

If you have a project that requires conveyor automation then feel free to get in touch with us here at CCL Conveyors Ltd for a friendly chat to explore how we can help.

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