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Bespoke Conveyor System - Why would you need a conveyor system?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

As it's the start of the year we thought we would go back to basics, and cover some of the the main reasons you would need a bespoke conveyor system. As always we are here at CCL to help you with any questions that arise from this conveyor blog, so feel free to reach out anytime.

Investing in a conveyor system is something to be done in a considered way, it is not something you should rush into, but why would you need one in the first place?

There is most likely some automation that could take place in your work environment, particularly if you are in the manufacturing business. This is where an assessment could help. Take a stock check of the more manually intensive operations, do a time and motion study and ask could this process be replaced ? and if so how does automation help? Most likely the upshot would be a longterm saving in time, labour and in turn cost.

Automation and using conveyor systems leads to Predictability. You are potentially moving humans out of the equation, and with that stragely enough in 2022 you introduce a greater sense of forcast. You know what you can produce within a set timescale, and this is very helpful in terms of costing both your spend and what you can potentially gain in income through the said process.

Leading on from the above two points comes the potential to impact upon human lives, from a health and safety perspective. When humans are removed from the risky business of lifting and moving then the potential to save them from hurting themselves is increased.

A conveyor system gives you choices. Choices in configuration, automation, lines of work and overall operation. They can be reused and adapted into different working environments. giving you choices that you simply would not have had before. The next choice you have to make is who to help you with your planning discussions, and that from our perspective is one we would be only too happy to assist you with.

Please, feel free to get in touch with CCL to start that discussion..

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