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What goes up must come down - Things to consider when choosing an inclined conveyor system.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you could need an inclined conveyor system from Central Conveyors Ltd.

But first what is an inclined conveyor ?

An inclined belt conveyor is used when a product needs to move upwards, or vertically.

Think of a situation where you may have split level factory or manufacturing plant, and you need to get product up to another floor, or mezzanine. Clearly this has the potential to save on time and labour costs.

Why would you need one?

You may need the option available to you as part of a design brief for your new plant or facility. In other words, maybe you need a flexible workspace, that can change according to demand or you need to consider space saving options by having multiple floors, rather than one vast space.

You may have a storage facility in the top half of your building, with product being made, or arriving in the bottom half.

You may need heavy material unloaded at a desired level, without human intervention.

Safety – as above unloading without the opportunity for human error/injury.

Breakable items can be transferred with the risk of damage minimised.

Reversing is possible so you could always bring the product back down.

This type of belt can work reliably for hours.

The horsepower required for these systems can be surprisingly low compared to other systems.

Before unloading from the system you can ensure that the product arrives in an horizontal position, which is helpful in terms of its next destination, be that a packaging area or a further area for more processing.

So what kind of industry are these conveyors commonly found in ?

A really popular situation is in the drinks industry, especially brewing.



Transportation and logistics.

As always its best to start planning your project with support and guidance on hand, so get in touch with CCL (Central Conveyors Ltd) to discuss you inverted conveyor belt needs.

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