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The Ten Commandments

Central Conveyors Ltd have been making conveyor systems, serving customers near and far for many years now and one thing we constantly come back to is the experience that this gives you, and how important we think that is when serving new customers.

We thought that, over the course of a series of blogs we would share with you some of the big lessons we have learnt, in the form of the Ten Commandments.

As always get in touch to share any of the lessons you have picked up over the years in your industry, you would be surprised at how universal some of these lessons can be.

1) Often it is the process, not the people that are at fault. Sometimes it is too easy to look at a situation that hasn't gone to plan and to start blaming or criticising the people involved. Yes, of course we all make mistakes, but often it is worth stepping back and looking at the process behind the task, before jumping to conclusions. Attacking the people leads to a blame culture, and often it is not necessary. Take your time to look at what instructed or guided the people to act in the first place, and change that if necassary.

2) Measure twice and cut once. This one serves us well in a very practical sense, but it means more than just being cautious when manufacturing. It means, to us that we must always take a measured approach in respect our work. It is complicated, it matters to our customers so taking an approach that is reserved rather than gung ho, is important.

3) Work hard, be nice. If ever a core value of what we do, or the way we work could be encapsulated it is this. We treat our customers and colleagues with respect, and try our hardest to deliver quality products, consistently.

4) If it is broken, stop, think and fix it. Improvement is part of our culture here at CCL, and moving forward when things are broke, is not the way we work. We mean this practically as well of course, but if a process or situation needs fixing we stop, think and move forward to rectify it.

5) Simplicity is king. Sometimes our work is complex, and very challenging. That doesn't mean however that we should seek out a complex solution. Asking 'why?' we are doing our work in a certain way is very grounding, and asking it more than once can really open up clarity into a situation. It allows us to reflect and to seek simplicity. Simple solutions are king and should be sought, at all times.

Thanks as always for reading our blog, in the next one we will conclude our 10 commandments, highlighting the things we have learned through our years of manufacturing conveyor systems here at CCL.

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