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General Conveyors - The case of the conveyor belt and the plane.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

As its Easter this weeks blog is a bit of fun, and picking up on a popular twitter post that has been doing the rounds this week. It concerns general conveyors and is known quite widely as 'the case of the conveyor belt and the plane'.

It is a problem which has sparked lots of comments and questions online, specifically on twitter. Here is a screenshot of the tweet that was circulated by the World of Engineering @engineers_feed

Initial reaction to this was that the answer was no, in that in remains stationary relative to everything around it, but in all honesty i think it could be a bit more complex than at first glance.

Do the jets turn on? for example because it is not the wheels that propel the plane forward, they don't have motors on them, it is jet propulsion which pushes the plane forward, if the jets become part of the equation what does this mean for the situation?

Is there going to be sufficient air flow below the wings to go up? or do the wheels just blow up and the plane falls on the moving belt and explode (as several commentators on twitter have observed?).

Either way it got the old grey matter moving on an Easter morning.

With that being said we wish all our customers a 'Happy Easter' and as always reach out if you have an answer for the above problem, or if (of course) you want to discuss you conveyor project and plans.

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