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Vauxhall - UK

The Conveyor system was designed to automatically move car engine blocks along a production line.

The system Top Tier carried specially designed to convey jigs to hold the engine blocks, the engine blocks were lowered by crane on to the Jigs at the start of the process. 

The Top Tier system was split into 8 separate zones, allowing the engine blocks to index forward to each zone for different parts to be assembled to the engine block, once the zone was complete would index to the next zone until the assembly was complete, 

The system is controlled by the operators at each zone, once complete a push button at the side of the system would be pressed before the block would move to the next zone. 

Once assembly is complete of the Engine blocks have been fully dressed at the 8 x zones, the operator would unload the engine using a crane, then press a button for the jig to return back to the start of the process, 

The Jigs are then be lowered down and transferred on to the lower tier conveyor system that acts as a storage system for the empty Jigs.

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