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Smart Forklifts (Innovation in our industry)

It’s another ‘Innovation in our industry’ blog today, and we are focusing on some amazing safety products that are available, for our humble friend, and workhorse of the factory– the forklift.

If you are anything like us you will have several forklifts moving in and around the factory, at various different times of the day.

We would be lost without ours, here at Central Conveyors Ltd they are crucial to us manufacturing and installing conveyor belt systems across the world.

They are always there and we don’t give them too much thought unless something doesn’t work or god forbid they were involved in an accident.

We came across a company this week who are producing some great products aimed at ensuring accidents done happen in your manufacturing plant or warehouse.

First up is the Forklift Information System(FLIS) which is a solution to prevent accidents, by providing real time monitoring and safety alerts BEFORE accidents occur. OE describe it as

“ a patented system of sensors and cameras that are installed onto the forklift, all data is transmitted back to the driver via a touchscreen monitor mounted in the forklift cab or can be integrated using an existing video panel. The screen will instantly alert the driver if a safety hazard is imminent, allowing them ample time to take corrective action”.

Another amazing innovation is the Proximity Warning system. OE describe it as a product that

“ reduces the risk of workplace collisions between pedestrians and vehicles by using a system of audio and visual alerts. Utilizing RF technology, our system is able to precisely measure the distance between pedestrians and people and issue warnings when a collision is imminent, allowing workers to take corrective action”.

Finally there is the Safeguard’s Forklift Laser Guide which uses a bright red or green laser to reduce the risk of damaging pallets, assets and rack structures by providing operators a constant visual reference of their fork’s position.

These products have innovation and safety at their core, and would be a welcome addition to any factory or warehouse facility.

We hope your enjoying our series on innovation and as always if we can help in an opening conversation around our way of working and the way in which we can help improve your facility, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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