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Sleever (Multi-Role Machinery)

It is common that during large production lines there is a lot of time spent on moving products around to present them correctly for standardized machines. When planning a production line or automated system, a common trapping is to have separate machines for each process. However, with some smart planning, having a machine that can fulfil two or more roles at once can greatly save on cost and space.

Floor space after being very important resource in large factories it can be greatly beneficial for future developments to leave as much space as possible using compact multi-role machines, as well as for older factories, that are running low on space.

The video below shows an animation of a Multi-Role “Sleever” designed and built in-house by Central Conveyors Ltd.

This system is designed to take a product, in this case being narrow kegs. The challenge is that the product is presented in the upright position, but for it to be processed on the line, it needs to be face down. Additionally, the keg needs to be placed within a “sleeve” in order to be processed.

As discussed, this machine fulfils both requirements simultaneously.

The basis of this machine is a gantry crane, which on this occasion was built to be very heavy duty. Due to the weight of the products carried and the location of the system being prone to seismic activity.

The gripping mechanism is designed in such a way that should the system loose power, due to an external event. The product will not be dropped and will be unable to remove until a reset. This is very important for heavy products, since a drop can mean damage to the product, system, or a safety issue for operators.

With only the use of a few photoelectric sensors to trigger subsequent tasks, the machine and subsequent conveyors that are part of the system can fulfil their role fully automatically.

This system operates nearly fully mechanically and does not rely on complicated robotics or expensive vision systems.

If you have any need for multi-purpose Automation Machinery, please get in touch with the CCL Sales team! email

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