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Pallet Stacker Side Line by CCL

When planning a production line, it is common for the product throughput to be the only consideration, it can be easy to neglect some of the offshoots of the main line.

However, by the inclusion of side lines and additional machinery it is possible to make great long term labour savings and overall increase productivity.

The video below shows an animation on a Pallet Stacker designed and built in-house by Central Conveyors Ltd.

The goal of this system was to remove empty pallets which originally held empty containers to be refilled. The pallets then are stacked as shown so an operator can take the pallets to the opposite end of the system where a reversed version of the pallet stacker setup runs to re-introduce the pallets for the newly filled containers.

In this example. Stacking pallets would be very time consuming for a forklift operator and would leave the value of the forklift and operator in near constant use in this example. In terms of project planning this would be a very low efficiency method of managing resources.

By the inclusion of a pallet stacking and de-stacking machine the Forklift Operator only needs to move a stack of pallets once every half an hour. Leaving time for other tasks to be done, without the addition of more forklifts and drivers. This increase of efficiency and productivity these machines provided lead to the loading area shown outperforming the product throughput of the system.

Pallet Stackers can be considered some of the more basic machines in terms of automation, however they are useful in a vast array of production lines and situations. More advanced automation machinery will be covered in later blogs.

If you have any need for Pallet Stackers or other Automation Machinery, please get in touch with the CCL Sales team!

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