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It's not just our conveyor systems that make CCL (its our people and approach).

A company is not only what it produces, it is HOW it produces it, so in this weeks blog we wanted to share some of our companies approach to getting work done. Hopefully this will give you a greater insight into the culture and way we work here at Central Conveyors Ltd.

Culture is always an evolving picture, but to put it simply our culture is the way we get things done. It is the ethos, the atmosphere and approach we take. Getting the job done on time, to a great standard is what drives us, and behind that we have a great team of skilled individual's all of who push and refine our work. We support and encourage each other in a collaborative friendly environment. The work we do is challenging, but the team and each individual knows what needs to be done, and they work hard to achieve that goal. Our culture can be described simply as collaborative, results driven and supportive.

Approach to working with customers can either be incredibly complicated or simple, and we try to keep it plain and simple here at CCL. We want the customer to be really happy with the product and how it works, and we also want them to come back and recommend us to their network, so in order to fulfil the last part of that, we need to ensure we are exceeding expectations whenever possible.

This means that firstly we do the simple things well, like keeping the customer in the loop. Communicating in a timely, useful and friendly manner. We take time to explain our work and the impact that will have upon the customer at all stages of the project.

If we have agreed to timescales then we do whatever it takes to hit those timelines. Why? because more often and not the customer needs the work completing to hit their own project deadlines. They may be launching a new product, or have a lot at stake and our contribution is often just a small part of a larger picture, but it.s one we take seriously and one we work hard to uphold.

Being proactive and owning our work is also something we pride ourselves on here at CCL. When tasks fall in our court we do our best to own them, and to push them through to completion. Taking the front foot approach is something we have always done and often it pushes a project across the line, when otherwise it could have stalled.

Coordination and doing that in a tight and controlled way is again something which is part of our working way. We have daily catch up's and assessments in regards to how a project is going, involving all of our project team. This way we keep on top of our goals and pull back and mitigate any issues that start to arise.

We are always learning and evolving from project to project, it's important for us to take a retrospective look back on what could have been done better each time we complete our work, that way we are in a better place moving forward.

We hope that you have learned a bit more about us this week. We look forward to hearing from you in respect to our blog or any project that is conveyor related you have in mind, we are always happy to chat it through.

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