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Is the humble conveyor belt king?

Don't get us wrong, we are working on some cutting edge engineering presently and it's very exciting, bespoke stuff. But there is something about the conveyor belt system that is very comforting. By that we mean that it has stability, simplicity, reliability and commonality which is hard to beat. It’s no mistake that it has been used in so many sectors, for so many years now.

Let's delve into why it is so popular.

Cost and savings

Before the industrial revolution, and even during (to some degree) we still relied on human/animal labour to a large degree. Moving an item from one place to another, during manufacturing, was hard and laborious. With the conveyor systems advent, everything changed. Goods could be moved from one place to another with ease, and not only that they could be worked upon by another individual meaning that staged manufacturing was partly automated. There is a cost saving here which is very advantageous to a company's bottom line.

The design and manufacturing of said systems also as time passed became more cost effective.

Picture is of an extra wide belt in development

Wide range of uses

Conveyor systems really do have such a wide range of uses that it would be difficult to write them all down. As mentioned, moving a product from one place to another is a given. But the actual product type used on the belt, and the diverse range of industries it serves is truly astonishing. The size, weight, texture and volume of products used on the belt are so wide it is hard to think of such a generic product that serves so many different types of industries. It truly was, and is irreplaceable in the world of manufacturing and product development.

Ease of use and maintenance

Once manufactured, tested and fully embedded the conveyor belt system is remarkably easy to keep going. As you would expect there has to be care given to the product and it must be used for its intention, but regular checks will ensure that the system is good to go, with minimal interventions. If part of the belt gets damaged then only part of the system needs to be replaced. If one motor becomes damaged, then only one motor needs to be replaced or repaired. The modular aspect of these systems means that they are really user friendly in terms of repair and maintenance, which is a huge advantage in terms of any possible down time.

With this system time and money can be saved, repairs can be swift and they have a great level of automation. Simply put they are the jewel in the crown of the modern product development environment. If you want to find out about how we can help you develop your own conveyor belt system then get in touch with Central Conveyors Ltd, we can't wait to work with you.

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