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How do conveyor belts work?

Most likely a question you have never really considered, unless you work in the industry, or have had to consider the likelihood of installing such a system, to assist you with your business or project.

The phrase 'conveyor belt' is often used as a generic term for many different types of conveyor systems. Convey means 'to move'.

In its simplest terms it is a series of cylindrical rollers, that are placed together, in line, with a belt that is extended across the rollers, continuously in an endless loop. This is then powered to move, via a motor which can be run at various speeds, depending upon the design of the system.

The belt itself is often made of several layers of rubber. The motor runs and so in turn do the rotors (cylinders). The belt moves in one direction on the top surface, and in the opposite direction on the lower side.

The conveyor belt is used for 'materials handling' in the sense that they take material, from point A, to point B. In the context of business, they link different zones within factories or manufacturing plants, for a variety of different reasons.

This could be to take manufactured goods, to a packaging zone, or to take packaged goods to a distribution zone.

The positives that they bring to the workplace include ease of distribution, in the sense that certain goods can be so heavy that moving them on a specially designed belt, takes less effort and thus less man power. This also has an impact upon the safety of a workplace, meaning that conveyor systems can equal less workplace injuries to members of staff. There are also running cost benefits, in that apart from maintenance, once you install, then you are only paying for the system to move your goods once, rather than paying man power several times over.

A convey system/belt is often found in factories and manufacturing plants, supporting the production of things such as food, medicine, chemicals, metals and white goods.

And there we have it, a beginners guide to the conveyor belt.

The simple conveyor belt, never really thought about by the general public, but never far from the minds from the team at Central Conveyors Ltd.

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