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Feed Me - All about food grade conveyor systems.

If you are responsible for plant in your food creation/processing facility, you most likely have a set of criteria to meet when considering replacing or upgrading your conveyor system.

Do any of these, or all of them ring true?

It has got to be within budget

It has got to comply to the regulations in my industry

it has got to be resistant and durable

it has got to have an element of serviceability

It has to be safe

It has to be accessible for staff and inspectors

CCL since it's inception (many years ago now) have worked with suppliers to, and direct into, the food and drink industry, and its an industry with very specific needs. Rightly so. We expect an incredibly high standard of hygiene (and taste) from our food manufacturers, and the costs to human life, reputation and in financial terms, when standards are not met, can be huge.

Experience is everything in this particular instance. Here at CCL our years of working with producers, and processors of food have meant that we are well versed with the regulations, and expectations of the business themselves, but also the consumer and the regulators attached to the industry. Since our inception it has been rare for us not to be working with a food or drinks manufacturer or processor, and this experience soon stacks up.

We manufacture a plethora of food and drinks conveyor systems, using up to date manufacturing processes and materials to produce systems that are second to none. From the outset of your project, to an on time completion, installation and testing cycle, we are a partner you can rely on.

As always get in touch regarding our blog and let us know about your upcoming projects in the food, drink or any other industry. We are only too happy to offer our insight and experience, into your project.

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