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CCL- Conveyor Belt Manufacturers- FAQ's

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Here at Central Conveyors Ltd we get asked lots of questions from potential conveyor system (belt) customers. As conveyor manufacturers we are only too happy to answer them.

In our second blog on the subject we highlight some of the more frequent questions we get asked in the hope that they may help you when looking for a partner, in your upcoming project. As always get in touch for a friendly chat around your conveyor project.

Do you visit customer sites in the planning stages?

Often this is the case, especially if a customer has a specific intricacy, or issue that is out of the ordinary. Not only does this help the customer, it helps us in seeing the space first hand. However sometimes it is not necessary, if a job is straightforward. Each job is individual, each customer’s situation is different. Get in touch and when we start to discuss the project in more detail.

Where should I start with Maintenance?

Depending on the system, maintenance can often be a very simple and rare endeavour. However it really does depend on the system and working environment. Again this is something we can advise you of during the planning stages.

Can parts be replaced if required?

It happens from time to time that parts need replacing, for a variety of reasons. If you feel that a part does need replacing lets start the conversation, get in touch and we will talk through the options with you.

We have a very bespoke project coming up, can you cater for that?

Yes. Absolutely, much of our work has bespoke elements to them in one way or another. We are only too happy to have a chat about what you have in mind.

What about the controls that are needed for the project.

We have that covered. Most projects need controls of some kind, so its business as usual for us here at CCL. We can discuss all your control needs, just get in touch via email or phone.

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