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Do you need a hygienic conveyor system? And what issues should you consider when purchasing one?

Maybe you work in the food or pharmaceutical industry, and having a clean, hygienic environment in regards to your production is key? If that's the case, then as we find technology advancing in regards to conveyor systems, you need to be asking yourself some pertinent questions, to ensure that your investment will reap the rewards it deserves.

How long can I expect the system to last?

You certainly want any conveyor system to far outweigh any investment you make. Here at CCL we want to ensure that the components are suitable for your needs, and for the hygienic environment itself. That means they need to be robust and able to withstand regular hygiene inspections and cleaning. In other words cleaning chemicals and sanitizers. You need to ensure that whatever system you choose that corrosion won't occur, and that nasty smells can be hygienically removed with ease. Plastic is always a popular choice in these circumstances.

Can I clean the system easily?

This is key because if a system cannot be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, then internal and external hygiene inspections become an issue, and that's the last thing you want as a business. Here at CCL we can help you with a design for a food grade conveyor system that is built to last and built with cleaning in mind.

Removable parts that can be replaced, serviced and cleaned are always the way to go, as is a colour scheme that, when necessary, can highlight areas that need attention. White is of course a usual colour used on these systems, but you may want to consider a colour scheme that will immediately show you where your focus,in terms of cleaning, needs to be.

Are there going to be ongoing costs?

Much the same as a car, if you spend a lot of money, then you would be wise to invest in its upkeep and regular service. However that's not to say that you should expect things to go wrong. Our systems are built to last, but you do need to consider long term upkeep.

You need a system that can be disassembled, in areas that are subject to high amounts of use, and be cleaned easily. With that being said the more parts the more opportunity for wear and tear, so again this is something that we will take into consideration, when working with our customers on their design.

Maintenance is something that will impact upon productivity and to that end you will understandably want to keep it to an absolute minimum. Ensure that exposure to the elements of any parts is considered in the design, and ensure that the possibility of human interaction with parts is also minimised.

We have worked with customers across the world on such projects so you can be sure that CCL have the experience required. If you have any questions we would be really happy to assist, so why not get in touch for a discussion on your next project?

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