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Conveyor belts - Get the right one for the job.

Here at central conveyors ltd, we don't just build and design conveyor belt systems in their entirety. We also supply and fit all the sum parts of the system. That means that we know a thing or two about conveyor belts.

One thing we have seen over the years, when going out to quote for work, or to give an opinion on an existing installation is a mismatch between the conveyor system and the belt itself.

What do we mean by that? simply put that the belt doesn't fit the job.

So what are the types of issues to consider when choosing a belt?

Will the product add significant load to the system?

How will the product get onto the system? Will it be dropped or placed?

What is the distribution of the product on the belt?

How fast should the product travel?

Will the product go up and down?

What type of environment is the belt to be housed in? Is there water around? Is it hot? Is it cold?

Once you understand the purpose that the belt will have, and its wider environment then you can start to think in more detail about the belt requirements.

Plastic Belts

Unsurprisingly plastic belts are incredibly common, across a wide variety of industries, and used in many situations such as:






These types of belts are usually quite resilient, and long lasting. They are also great for when a deep clean is required, and can carry more weight that is often assumed. However before making an assumption on load bearing it is best to work with an expert in conveyor belt installation such as ourselves (Central Conveyors Ltd).

General Belts

These types of belts are manufactured using materials such as rubber, nylon and PVC, and often have an outer material and an inner material. They are again commonly found and used in situations such as:

Inclines or declines as they can offer a good level of friction

The opposite of the above where friction is not required

Resistance to manufacturing materials residue ie oil/grease

Ability to work in higher temperature environments

Metal and Wire Belts

You can use a woven wire mesh in food manufacturing, it is really good for higher temperatures

They are also good for freezing foods, or moving cold foods

They can be used for glass, electronics and metals.

Thick metal belts can also be extremely strong and durable, which is useful in many other situations surrounding manufacturing such as parts distribution or working with certain minerals or metals.

If you need any help in choosing your next belt, feel free to get in touch with us here at Central Conveyors Ltd, and we will be happy to discuss your next project's requirements.

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