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Central Conveyors Ltd - automation of conveyors

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Conveyor automation is a key part of the work that we do here at central conveyors ltd, so in this weeks blog we wanted to share a recent project that had a high degree of automation.

This system is designed to take a palleted product, in this case 12 narrow barrels/kegs on a pallet which then are separated out in order to be processed individually.

The introduction of this machine means that operators only need to load full pallets onto the system, which can be loaded via a forklift, as opposed to manually loading them individually. The introduction of this type of loading and unloading machinery can be game-changing for the productivity of production lines.

The video below shows an animation of a Palletizer designed and built in-house by Central Conveyors Ltd.

The basis of this machine is a gantry crane, which on this occasion was built to be heavy duty. This was due to the weight of the products being carried and the location of the system being prone to seismic activity.

The gripping mechanism is designed in such a way that should the system loose power, due to an external event, the product will not be dropped. This is very important for heavy products, since a drop can mean damage to the product, system, or become a safety issue for operators.

The follow up conveyor is used to separate out the barrels, with the use of specially designed stops or escapements. These restrict the barrels from moving further on the conveyor without any risk of jams.

With only the use of a few photoelectric sensors to trigger subsequent tasks, the machine, palletizer machine and subsequent conveyors and stops that are part of the system, can fulfil their role near automatically, only needing operator intervention to load and unload pallets.

This system operates nearly fully mechanically and does not rely on complicated robotics or expensive vision systems.

If you have any need for Palletizers, Semi-Automatic machines, or full Automation Machinery, please get in touch with the CCL Sales team!

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