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Central Conveyors Ltd - Getting to know us.

Last year we did a blog that was all about the basics and aimed at potential customers getting to know us. Today's conveyor systems blog is aimed at trying to do the same. Sharing the type of things that we hope, would be useful for a customer who knows very little about us, or who has never worked with Central Conveyors Ltd before. It is a blog that we can point potential customers towards to learn a little bit more about us, and the work that we do. Hopefully, you find it useful...

1) Where are you based?

Central Conveyors Ltd is based in Leicestershire in the UK. Specifically - Buildings 3 & 3a Hawker Business Park, Melton Road, Burton On The Wolds, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, LE12 5TH

2) What geographical areas do you cover?

We have worked with (and continue to work with) companies (large, small, and medium) across the globe, in terms of design, production and installation.

3) What type of work do you do?

As our name suggests Central Conveyors Ltd focuses mostly on conveyor work. However, we have done many other projects associated with moving products from A to B. We are problem solvers and we use automation, whenever possible in our solutions. Get in touch to discuss your project's needs and requirements.

4) How long have you been established?

We were Incorporated in our present form in 2007, but as a core group, CCL had been working together for several years before this. Our leadership team and many of our engineering team have worked in the conveyor industry for most of their careers.

5) What are the different industries that you have served and worked with?

Central Conveyors Ltd has worked with a hugely diverse range of clients, probably too many to list. Commonly customers have come from the food and drinks industries, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

6) Do you visit customer sites in the planning stages?

Often this is the case, especially if a customer has a specific intricacy, or issue that is out of the ordinary. Not only does this help the customer, but it also helps us in seeing the space firsthand. However, sometimes it is not necessary if a job is straightforward. Each job is individual, and each customer’s situation is different. Get in touch and when we start to discuss the project in more detail.

7) Where should I start with Maintenance?

Depending on the system, maintenance can often be a very simple and rare endeavor. However, it does depend on the system and working environment. Again this is something we can advise you of during the planning stages.

8) Can parts be replaced if required?

It happens from time to time that parts need replacing, for a variety of reasons. If you feel that a part does need replacing let's start the conversation, get in touch and we will talk through the options with you.

9) We have a very bespoke project coming up, can you cater to that?

Yes. Much of our work has bespoke elements to them in one way or another. We are only too happy to have a chat about what you have in mind.

10) What about the controls that are needed for the project?

We have that covered. Most projects need controls of some kind, so it's business as usual for us here at CCL. We can discuss all your control needs, just get in touch via email or phone.

11) My process and systems are very manually intensive, I think they could be improved with automation, can you help?

Absolutely. This is a fairly common ask in that customers are looking to improve their processes, either in terms of speed, efficiency, or cost (often all 3). We have helped many companies in this situation, using a whole suite of progressive techniques where the glue that brings everything together tends to be a conveyor system.

12) Can you help with the controls side of the project?

Yes, we have a dedicated team that helps in that regard. Controls and electronic/computational integration are integral to our work.

Hopefully, this blog has given you the basics about ourselves here at CCL, but as always If you do have any specific questions then reach out and contact us by phone at 01509 816064 or via email at

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