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CCL Conveyors - Top Tips for Choosing the Right Conveyor system

In this CCL Conveyor Blog, we are looking at things to consider before you start your bespoke conveyor selection process. It is important to choose the correct equipment to avoid it having a negative impact on your operation. Thinking about this is best viewed as an early stage task, as it can, and does, raise many conversation points.

Product Specifications

Product specification is the most important aspect of choosing the right conveyor. As with any project you have to get a good grounding on what specification is going to suit your circumstance. Change can occur of course, but giving this the right amount of thought, at the start of the project is essential.

Product Dimensions

So you have a high level understanding of what you need. You then need to delve in a little more into the real world dimensions that will work for your environment. You will need to understand the length, width, and height of the product. This will determine the first stages of the selection process to gain the transfer requirements for your equipment.

Product Weight

The weight of the conveyed product will determine many aspects of the conveyor selection. The torque requirements for the geared motor (if it is a driven system). If a gravity (unpowered) conveyor system is required then the roller specification should also be given some consideration, as often one size does not fit all.

Product Rate

The production rate of the product is normally measured in parts per minute or parts per hour. The product rate, along with the product length, will allow you to determine the required conveyor speed so that your conveyor can be set up to achieve the required production rate.

Product Type

The product type is very important to the conveyor process, in order to choose the right materials for the conveyor build. Whether the product is a food material, abrasive, working at ambient temperatures or high temperatures or simple cardboard boxes. The base of the product is also a very important aspect in choosing and designing the right conveyor system.

Washdown Requirements

Washdown requirements can greatly impact the selection of conveyors on both price and conveyor construction. Geared motors and electrical equipment need to be to the right IP rating to protect against electric shock and failure.

Frame Construction

The Conveyor construction needs to consider the environment the equipment is to be housed and used within and dictates the material and finish required. For example a food factory would need to clean the system down regularly, so a stainless-steel construction would generally be used, if the product is boxed then a mild steel, powdered coated finish would normally be used.

Conveyors (unfortunately) are often not viewed as important pieces of equipment on a project, but if not properly selected can cause major problems with the process.

When you are selecting a conveyor, please speak to CCL`s design team for help ensuring you get the right equipment for your process. Reach out for a friendly chat regarding your requirements.

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