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CCL Conveyors for moving heavy duty loads

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Here at CCL Conveyors, we are used to making bespoke conveyors to a customer’s requirements, and of course they come in all shapes and sizes. Every project is unique, but regularly we will be asked to design a system that needs to do some serious grunt work, in terms of the heavy load that will be placed upon it. These can be heavy materials for a variety of industries and situations including, airports, manufacturing, mining and production.

In this week’s blog we wanted to share some of the types of systems and considerations required, when moving loads which have some weight attached to them, in the hope that it gives you a head start in your early thoughts regarding procurement. When choosing a bespoke conveyor product for heavy loads then of course, feel free to get in touch for an outline discussion with CCL Conveyors.

Roller conveyors are a good option for materials that have a degree of weight to them. They can be powered and designed for heavy duty situations. They have been used regularly on production lines for years now. They can be modular and manufactured using steel meaning not only will they be robust, but they will also flex to your current and future state of working.

Conveyors designed to carry pallets (and loads on top of the pallets) are a common system used today, especially in situations like supermarket and online shopping distribution. They are robust, often chain driven, and able to withstand different temperature situations. They can be designed to handle smooth stop and start requirements, thereby ensuring that pallets do not topple over. This is essential when moving fragile electronic goods, that although heavy can be damaged if they were to fall.

We have worked with several customers who work in the recycling industry, who need heavy duty, robust reliable systems. Baler machines are common in the industry, so feeding into them is usually what the system requires. This means transporting heavy waste materials from A to B, often up inclines and then sometimes out of the building again, using a swan neck design.

Drag link conveyors can be used in a variety of situations where heavy loads are the norm. These can be modular in design as well, ensuring that changes to circumstances can be catered for. These can be provided with curves and straight sections according to need. Differing speed requirements can also be part of the solution.

Box and tote handling are systems we have provided for many clients who need weight as a consideration in their design. These are often found in the picking, packing and distribution arena of work. These can be designed with zones and differential speed requirements in mind.

Each job and project is unique, so to make sure you are covering all bases in regards to your heavy duty bespoke conveyor system, we recommend a chat to look into your project in more detail. Feel free to get in touch with CCL Conveyors at any time, and we look forward to learning more about your plans.

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