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CCL Conveyors - 5 ways to reduce damage and preserve the life of your conveyor system.

Damage does happen, it can't be avoided and a lot of that has to do with the passing of time. Even with a bespoke conveyor system from CCL, the passing of time will eventually take its toll of some of the components within a system. Not to worry though, in this weeks blog we will pass on some handy tips and sensible bits of advice in terms of what to watch out for, what to do and what NOT to do to keep your bespoke conveyor system in the best shape it can possibly be in.

So you have a system in place, but no idea of how to perform some basic checks. Read on and implement these 5 tasks that you should consider regularly.

Stop the system (once a day) and do a visual inspection. Also known as an Ocular inspection, you should walk the system once a day, preferably at a quieter time for your business, and do the following:

Check that the belt is centred - is the belt where it should be ? does it look too close to the edges or centred nicely as it moves? The key to longevity here is that it should not be running towards either side but central.

Check that the belt is not frayed, are the joints themselves in good condition? is everything around and under the belt intact ie rollers and bearings? Imperfections and elements missing will obviously have an impact upon you system and they need repairing.

Have you tested the belt with a suitably weighted product/s and followed it on its journey? this is such a simple task and one that can highlight definciences with the conveyor belt and bespoke conveyor system.

Ensure that the belt is clean and wipe it down after every shift. Use a suitable product that will not effect the life of the material of the belt.

Prevention is always cheaper than cure, so from day one pay the system the respect it deserves. This means training your team to understand that although the system is built to be robust, it is not built to be abused consitently and consitent abuse has a financial and health and safety 'potential' for consequence. Look out for things like bearings being missing, or rollers jumping around or fraying belts. These are really simple things to fix in the big scheme of things and ones that if you nip in the bud early wlll cost you far less.

CCL Conveyors are here to assist and offer support and advice in terms of any bespoke conveyor belt system, you are planning. We have been helping key industries for many years now, and always welcome you reaching out for a discussion on your future plans. We hope to speak to you soon.

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