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All about Balers

CCL & Compact Baling Solutions UK Ltd

Balers in 2021 are used in a variety of industries, and quite commonly in the waste and recycling industries. Often they are to be found in processing, distribution, manufacturing and processing plants. They are suitable for baling a host of materials including paper, cardboard, PET and other composite materials.

What are balers?

Balers and compactors are commonly used to automatically compress a range of materials, into manageable, movable sections. You are probably well used to seeing hay bales stacked in a field during the summer months. The principle is the same for baling machines in that the output is compacted material.

Why would you need one?

There are a variety of reasons. Commonly they are to prepare material for onward distribution, or to ensure that space and storage levels are kept optimised. Waste and recyclable material can also be forwarded on for reuse, rather than ending up in landfill. Balers can save space, money and time and are the cornerstone of modern processing design.

CCL working alongside Compact Baling Solutions UK Ltd are pleased to continue supplying a variety of balers, for a variety of uses.

Channel and Twin Ram Balers - We do a range of channel balers from 40 to 180 tonne press force and a range of Twin Ram balers from 90 up to 180 tonne press force.

If you are starting to plan out a new project or to upgrade/change an existing design, we would be happy to have a discussion about how we can help.

Get in touch and we can take the conversation further...

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