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5 Things, Customers Should Ask Us.

We tend to write these blogs either from our perspective, as a service/product provider or sometimes from a joint perspective ie ourselves and our customer.

This weeks blog is slightly different in that we are putting ourselves solely in the shoes of our customer, and considering, 'what would we want to know if we were coming to our company for the first time?' In other words what are the 3 main questions that would be good to know, when scoping out potential project working opportunities.

1) What experience do you have, in making solutions for my industry?

If you are working in the drinks industry, it would more than likely make sense to work with a provider who has some knowledge, insight and experience in providing solutions to that industry. Clearly then one of the first questions you should be interested in knowing is the level and depth of exposure the provider has had into your industry. Here at CCL our time in business has meant that we have had exposure to a great deal of different industries, and faced some challenging and unique problems and projects. As always we are happy to have those introductory chats regarding your upcoming work and plans.

2) What are the safety considerations in relation to our project?

In a very recent blog we talked about the safety considerations in regards to conveyor belt projects. Safety is everything, and it is intertwined into all of our projects in some way. Safety should not be an add on, it should be part of the fabric of the project from start to finish. Ask us about how we can conform to safety requirements on your proposal.

3) What should we expect from you at the different stages of the project ? design/install/sign off etc...

As we have highlighted in previous posts, we work alongside you at every stage of the project to ensure that we are all on the same sheet in terms of expectations. Different projects will need different depths of involvement, from different members of staff. One thing you can be sure of is that we will support and work with you to ensure agreed deadlines can be met. We are here to answer questions at all times, and if you have specific requirements then we can work with you to ensure that they are met.

4) What about aftercare, what do i need to do ?

You need to know about any specific issues around maintenance and use, after the project has been handed over. As a customer you need to know, if any areas of the project need mechanical input or checks, when we are finished. We are always at the end of the phone but are there any specific areas of worry? then let us know, and we will do our best to put you at ease.

5) Is there any other costs to consider after instalment?

That depends completely on the set up, and system you have. One belt type may need replacing far quicker than another so there maybe specific considerations that you should keep in your mind regarding your project, post installation.

The key to all of these points is to use Central Conveyors Ltd, when looking into your next conveyor project. We will be working alongside you from start to finish, ensuring our lines of communication are open at all times, so if you do forget to ask us any of the above questions, it won't be the end of the world. We will only be at the end of the line to help with any complication, or question that arises.

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