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5 Reasons to choose CCL for your next belt conveyor project.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This blog is about putting ourselves in the shoes of a prospective customer and conveying, why we think you should approach us to discuss, plan and ultimately build your next belt conveyor project for you.

1) Experience is king. CCL have been designing, making and installing bespoke conveyor systems for many, many years. What this gives our customers is history, and a track record. We have worked across many industries, in many different environments and geographical locations to fulfil project briefs. The depth and breadth of this experience means that we can approach your project with the knowledge and skills needed to design and build a quality product, fit for your particular circumstances.

2) Responsiveness. When you have taken the dive into your next project then you need a company that is responsive to your needs. Whether this be a question, a proposal, a change, a risk or any project related issue, your supplier needs to be able to give you the appropriate feedback and response. We work very closely with our customers during every stage of the project. This not only helps us deliver, but it helps you be sure we are going to deliver.

3) Communication. We need to be speaking the same language during each project phase, and that means that we need to actively listen, but it also means that we need to communicate in a way that is understood. Conveyor systems are our lifeblood, but usually that is not the case for the people we supply to. This means that we have to translate the way we work into a language that is understood by all. We check and double check requirements, and do our upmost to ensure we have heard you right. We also do what we can within our team to make sure that someone is getting back to you in a timely manner in relation to any questions you have in relation to your proposal or project.

4) Quality. Assurance that our products are built correctly and to the required standards are a key part of our project plans. Our team are experienced and well versed in controlling production to ensure that the products we deliver are well built, safe and purposeful.

5) Team working (our team, your team, one team). Improving our processes, and looking back on our work (to learn) is part of the way that we work here at CCL. We work in a coordinated and team focused manner to ensure that our projects run on time, and to cost. We do our best to integrate alongside your project during delivery, meaning that our team becomes your team, all aiming and working towards the project goal.

We hope that gives you some further insight into how we work here at CCL. You will no doubt have more questions than can be answered in a blog, so as always get in touch to discuss your ideas or projects in more detail. We look forward to talking with you.

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