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Introducing our brewery conveyors site

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

It has been a busy, productive and interesting year which has brought us into contact with customers new and old. Although not a new industry for us, the brewery conveyors industry has brought us new customers this year, so we decided to launch a new website.

We continued throughout 2021 to build upon our history of working with the drinks and brewing industry, supporting customers like Everards, who have recently opened a new state of the art facility in Leicestershire, in the UK.

To mark our continued expansion and specialism into the industry we have created a bespoke website, to highlight and showcase our work in the sector.

The website is and you will find the look and feel very similar to

We are really proud of our work in the industry which continues to grow and expand, thus the website.

Hopefully you will raise a glass alongside us to launch the new site, we invite you to spread the word, to take a look and as usual to get in touch with any of your conveyor needs...and on this occasion, specifically your brewing conveyor needs.

CCL can offer your brewing conveyor project the advice and attention it deserves, so feel free to reach out at either or

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