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Plate link Conveyor

Project Scope

Central Conveyors Ltd were asked us to produce a Plate Link Belt Conveyor System to convey scrap mild steel metal punching's from underneath a specially designed stamping press machine located in a pit to a scrap metal bin located on a separate floor.

Central Conveyors Ltd followed a specification supplied by the customer to match the throughput supplied by the stamping press, carefully designing the conveyor in strength & speed to efficiently work in tangent with the customers existing equipment.


This bespoke conveyor system had to be specially designed to suit an already installed machine and came with height and width limitations making it a challenge to get a bespoke conveyor system in.

The belt needed to be specially designed and manufactured, with 3” pitch chains running on cast iron sprockets to move the belt. The belt material was manufactured and fabricated from Mild steel to ensure the system would last many years of tough working. The conveyor system framework and support structure was manufactured & designed to suit the application & location of system in customers factory. Infeed hopper was installed at the bottom of the conveyor & a outfeed chute supplied to feed into customers bin with no spillage. The system was fully guarded to ensure it was to health and safety practices.

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