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Conveyor systems

Project Scope

Central Conveyors Ltd were asked by the client; Landmark Global Inc, to design a Conveyor system to allow operators to sort parcels prior to going out of the depo for delivery.

The parcels were various sizes and shapes and needed to be collated at the end of the system line for the operators to scan and load the correct transportation.

The system had to be specially designed due to the customers required building layout.

The bespoke system had to handle & process a high volume of parcels per hour to achieve what the customer desired so Central Conveyors Ltd had to specially manufacture requirement parts non-standard to ‘on shelve’ items.


1 x Rotatory Turntable unit (‘Lazy Susan’) was specially designed for the end of line picking process to collate the parcels ready for customer to scan & sort. The turntable was 1100mm in diameter & included a Torque Limiter on the motor drive to prevent damaging the conveyor if there was a jam up.

The system also included 3 x 10 meter long PVC belt conveyors. Situated in a 30 meter long line, running on from the next conveyor. Operators placed along the length of the system feeding parcels.

The system was also fitted with cascading Hearting plugs on each conveyor for portability & cleaning purposes.

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