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What are conveyors used for in 2021?

Basic question? Yes and no.

Conveyors reflect our society (stay with me), and society has changed an awful amount since the conveyor system was invented in 1905 by Richard Sutcliffe (for use in coal mines which revolutionized the mining industry, unsurprisingly)

When Richard invented the conveyor belt, it was to serve a very specific niche, but one that was dominant industrially at the time.

Today, as technology, habits, requirements and tastes evolve and change, so does the need for and use of conveyor systems.

Ten years ago you wouldn’t have required a conveyor system to carry electric batteries for electric cars, but today that is a reality.

Ten years ago a conveyor belt wouldn’t have been taking smart home devices from one point to another but they do now.

Below we outline 5 different uses that a conveyor system can have, and here at Central Conveyors Ltd, we have been involved with all of these conveyors in one shape or another.


Today’s manufacturing needs are evolving all the time. Manufacturers today need speed, safety and reliance all at the top of their list when picking a conveyor system.

Take car manufacturing for example.

The needs of Tesla, are far different to needs of Ford when they developed the Model T all those years ago. Tesla’s cutting edge manufacturing facility will have been developed to mirror the needs of the consumer in 2021, and beyond.

Amazon as well, when manufacturing their Alexa range will have a completely different set of considerations compared to the Hoover vacuum cleaner, and whilst products still need to go from A and B, how they do so has changed considerably.

Aviation - baggage, parcels and goods

The speed at which aircraft are loaded and unloaded in 2021 is paramount. Today, if you spend too long on the ground not only are you not maximising the aircraft’s potential, but you can face heavy fines from airport operators. To this end conveyor systems that take the goods around the airport’s infrastructure are designed for efficiency, and speed. Delays are risky, and costly, so the days of waiting 30 minutes for your bags to appear are long gone, thank goodness.

Food and drinks

Food manufacturing can be a complex business. Modern convenience food will sometimes have to go through a cooking and cooling process, and the conveyor system needs to be robust enough to cope with everything that the change in temperatures can throw at it. In 2021 Food and drink presents a unique set of challenges – speed, hygiene, temperature and agility.

Luckily here at CCL we have years of experience of supplying to the food and drink industry, and to all the aforementioned sectors.

As always we are only to happy to hear about your conveyor requirements at CCL, so get in touch to see how we can help.

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