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The 5 principles of customer service at Central Conveyors Ltd

What is good customer service? For us at CCL we have been delivering custom conveyor systems for many years now, and we have learnt what separates average customer service,

from truly exceptional service.

In a nutshell we believe it means going the extra mile in making sure a customer is happy and satisfied with a company's products or services. It also involves providing services to a customer in a timely, pleasant manner.

But there is more to it than just a couple of sentences.

Below we break down the principles of customer service that we strive to follow here at CCL.

Knowing our customers

We don't forget our customers, and we strive to build both a professional and friendly relationship with everyone we do business with. Every customer is an individual and every job tells its own story. We strive to remember that each job is different and unique, and that taking customers for granted is something that we will never do. After all, without our customers we don't have a business.

Think long term

It is not uncommon for us to get repeat customers. We believe this is due to our principles (as well as our quality product). We treat our customers as if it is the start of the relationship, not just a one off. Customers who don't come back for more conveyor systems, often tell other people in their sector about us and our work, so we never take our contracts for granted. It could be the start of a long-term relationship, not just a one off.

Respond promptly, respond politely

Manners cost nothing but if you are dealing with a company and they are less than courteous then it could cost them dearly. Whether it be responding to your first inquiry or getting that all important quote or product out to you, we will keep you in the loop at all times. There is nothing worse than being kept in the dark, so whenever you deal with us, you can rest assured that we will keep you updated regularly, and do our level best to respond in a timely and professional way.

Treat customers as you would want to be treated

This one is simple and effective. All our staff can name a time when they have been let down by a company, or treated in a way that surprised them (in a negative way). We ask them to keep that at the forefront of their mind and to remember that we never want our customers to feel that way. We ask them to strive to ensure that we treat our customers in a way that we would want to be treated ourselves.

And finally

When mistakes happen, fix them

In a similar way to treating customers as we want to be treated, we also understand that sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes companies and humans fall short of expectations. Mistakes happen and as much as we safeguard against them, on occasion they cannot be helped. What truly separates good customer service from bad is how you respond. We pride ourselves in putting any issues that have fallen short of the expected standard, right. We correct them, and we learn from them. It is what our customers expect from us, and it is what we expect from our team.

We hope that has given you further insight into our approach here at CCL. As always if we can help in any way feel free to get in touch.


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