Central Conveyors Ltd, win another contract to supply a Blue-chip Mattress Manufacturing Company

Mattress sales surge by 131% in lock down, supplied a lot of bespoke conveyor systems to aid the production of high-end mattresses as the demand keeps increasing.


Mattress sales surge by 131% in lockdown,

We compared our revenue from 2019 to 2020, looking specifically at sales between March 23rd and July 7th. In lockdown, Brits spent much more on mattresses and bedding, with our revenue increasing by a huge 131%.

Number of Brits looking for a new mattress increases by 135%

Our analysis also shows that the number of UK customers searching for a new mattress or bed product increased by 135%, when compared to last year.

Central Conveyors Ltd conveyors systems help the production rate increase with less handling by the operators and we have supplied fully Automatic glue stations and 2-ton mattress press see photos below,

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