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CCL - automation and conveyors can revolutionise your business.

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Designing, building and installing a bespoke conveyor belt system or instilling automation into your conveyors is what we do. It can revolutionise the way that you're business operates. Working with CCL to achieve that end goal of a new conveyor system, will give you a quality product and experience that is second to none.

Why do we say that? Experience is key. Simply put we have thousands of hours of design, build and install in relation to bespoke conveyor systems behind us. Here at CCL have been working alongside customers for many years to help them achieve their vision regarding conveyors, so in this weeks blog we wanted to share 5 reasons as to why we think a bespoke conveyor system will be one of the best business investments your company will make, and one that will pay you back in dividends.

1. A conveyor system can speed up your production process.

If you're looking to increase efficiency in your production line, a conveyor system is an ideal solution. By automating the movement of materials, you can drastically reduce the amount of time and labor required to move them from one stage of production to the next.

2. A conveyor system can improve your product quality.

By ensuring that materials are moved smoothly and evenly throughout the production process, a conveyor system can help to reduce defects and improve the quality of your finished products.

3. A conveyor system can reduce your costs.

Batch processing with a conveyor system can help to reduce waste and increase efficiency, both of which can lead to reduced costs for your business.

4. A conveyor system can help you meet customer demands.

By increasing the speed and efficiency of your production process, a conveyor system can help you meet customer demands more effectively, resulting in satisfied customers and increased sales.

5. A conveyor system can improve employee safety.

Conveyor systems can automate many dangerous or repetitive tasks that would otherwise be performed by employees, improving safety conditions in your workplace.

6. Automating your processes saves time, and saving time saves money. There are many other more productive tasks that your staff could be doing rather than manning a conveyor system. Automation can also help you cut back on any mistakes. CCL have recently completed an AI automated process that a human being simply couldnt compete with in terms of output, and neither would they want to. The speed in which the product went down the belt was breath taking. Each and every product was checked using AI, and sorted accordingly.

As well as the above there are another of positive reasons as to why a conveyor belt system from CCL can help you:

You need to reduce product damage. Naturally damage in the production or packaging environment occurs, but the threshold can rise too much the wrong way, if automation is not something that is part of your process. Conveyor Automation is a simple but effective way of automating your production environment and here at CCL we have worked with many customers where their objective was to install a system that was automated, to improve the costs associated with damage.

You want a competitive edge. If your competitors are not focusing on automation or conveyor automation for example then instantly you are going to be in the driving seat. Through taking a modern and effective approach to improving your systems and processes you can find that you end up streets ahead of your rivals in terms of production output. Not only that, if you put together the 6 advantages listed above they will have an overall impact upon your competitive edge, and thats surely the best outcome your investment can get for you.

As always thanks for taking the time to interact with us here at CCL. We hope we sparked an interest in further conversations regarding our conveyor systems, and we hope to speak to you soon.

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