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Plastic Modular


Can be used in conveyor applications that require bends and curves but also in straight running and heavy load applications.

The plastic modular range is vast and can be used in most industries including food, automotive, logistics, packaging, printing beverages and bottling plants.

They are manufactured in short segments and available in a full range of widths and pitches. They are connected together using cross rods. 

Conveyors sides can be manufactured from mild steel and with a powder coated finish for non-food applications. 

Food applications would be manufactured from stainless steel or plastic PE1000 to prevent rust occurring.

The belt operates smoothly around bends maintaining a flat surface to support the product being conveyed.

It is easily cleaned, economical to maintain, and can resist moderately high temperatures.

A lot of Plastic Modular conveyors are food grade, making the belt a good choice for the food industry.


Types of belt 


Polypropylene Belt

Very good at absorbing shock loads. This belt type is good at higher temperatures up to 100 degrees centigrade, though with special additives we can produce a Polypropylene belt that can operate up to 120 degrees. It also has a high resistance to chemical cleaning agents.


Polyethylene Belt 


Specialises in being able to cope with very low temperatures, making it the belt of choice for freezer or chiller applications.


Polyoxymethylene (POM) Belt 


This is also known as acetal, polyacetal (PA), and polyformaldehyde. This is an excellent all purpose belt, able to deal with temperatures between -40 and +90 degrees centigrade. It is a tough belt, and very abrasion resistant. However, it IS slightly more vulnerable to shock impacts than the other materials. It is also vulnerable to highly acidic, alkali, or chlorine-based cleaning agents.

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