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Line-shaft conveyor are conveyor systems powered by a shaft beneath the rollers hence the name given. 

These conveyors are designed for light applications up to 50 kg such as cardboard boxes and tote boxes.

A single shaft runs below the rollers running the length of the conveyor.

Fitted to the shaft are a number of spools attached to each roller via a polyurethane belt.

When the powered shaft rotates it turns the belt attached to the roller, making the roller turn. 

The roller rotating will move the product along the conveyor powered by a motor unit.


Line shaft conveyors come in straight sections and bends sections and operate with low noise levels.


Manufactured from mild steel, powder coated side frames can be in stainless steel for food applications. The conveyor rollers come with a galvanised finish.

Line shaft conveyor systems are suitable for situations where tight bends and plenty of bends are required.


They are commonly used in places like warehouses to transport a variety of boxes. They are also commonly found in manufacturing situations, where the assembly of products is required. Their user case application is quite varied. 

Line Shaft

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