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Everards Brewery 

Central Conveyors completed a keg/cast filling system for Everards at the stunning new, 70 acre brewery (Everards Meadows) in Leicestershire, UK. 

Everards produce a selection of ales here, including the much-loved 'Tiger Bitter'.


Central Conveyors Ltd were asked to design a bespoke keg and cast washing and filling line (and conveyor system) for the full production of the Everards beer brand, producing up to 90 firkins per hour. 

What was involved in the design?


Specially designed system consisting off the following bespoke equipment:

Cask/ Keg loading start off process 2 x Plastic Modular conveyor system 

Plastic Modular conveyor 1500mm wide with guide system to allow the cask/Keg to enter the washing plant in single file


Cask/Keg external washers and label removal booth with automatic conveyor system      

Gravity roller conveyor system cask accumulation area (awaiting removal by operator) to load into the Cask/Keg            

Cask 3 station Internal washing unit 4- head with 1000 Litre tank

Mobile gravity roller unit storage for 4 casks to be used to transport casks from 4 station cask washing unit, to the filling racking machine 

Keystone press unit 

Cask twin head counter pressure racking /filling unit with automatic cask plastic modular, twin stand, conveyor system & arrester 

Cask up ender, tipping mechanism 

Cask off plastic modular conveyor system 600mm wide 

Powered roller conveyor 2400mm long stainless steel with 3 x lift transfer units 

Cask 2 x position automatic conveyor system 

Keg up ender tipping mechanism    


Cask plastic modular conveyor system, feed from up ender tipper unit 

Powered roller conveyor 1600mm long, stainless steel, with 1 x lift transfer unit   

Cask control panel         

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